Working Papers

The Macroeconomic Effects of Universal Basic Income Programs
September 2021 [current version] [Cleveland Fed WP]
Featured: Jain Family Institute

The Welfare Costs of Business Cycles Unveiled: Measuring the Extent of Stabilization Policies,
with Fernando Barros Jr. and Fábio Gomes
April 2022 [current version] [Cleveland Fed WP]

Optimal Unemployment Insurance Requirements, with Gustavo de Souza
April 2022 [current version] [Cleveland Fed WP]

Adjustment Costs, Financial Constraints and the Persistence of Misallocation in China, with Gustavo Camilo
February 2019 [current version]


Modeling Default Probabilities: The Case of Brazil, with Benjamin Tabak and Daniel O. Cajueiro
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Volume 21, Issue 4, p. 513-534, 2011.